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The Emergence of Silk Lingerie

Lingerie has always been a popular seller when the designer puts a spin on it, so that it looks unique or different. Creativity is always a huge factor in the growth of popularity of an item (or, rather, the price), as it should be. However, creativity alone sometimes can not be relied upon exclusively to carry the sales of a particular fashion item. Sometimes, the quality of the clothing or the specific fabric of the clothing are what can set it apart. This is the case with silk lingerie.

In a sense, silk lingerie rides the coattails of silk’s popularity. Silk has always been a highly desirable fabric as its popularity dates back to three thousand years BC in China. For the first few millennia of silk’s existence, silk had been primarily worn by royalty and the ruling class – although it was rumored to have been created by an Empress at an even earlier date.

Luckily, for aficionados of this lingerie, silk is accessible to the masses. It is also fairly affordable and not out of the price range of the bulk of the population. Therefore, it does not seem that the popularity of silk will abate anytime soon.

Neither will the popularity of silk lingerie. Lingerie has become increasingly popular in the public consciousness namely due to the brilliant marketing ploys of Victoria’s Secret. Granted, lingerie had always been popular, but Victoria’s Secret help give designer lingerie that extra push. Considering the popularity and quality of silk fabric, silk lingerie is a match made in heaven.

Silk lingerie also has the added bonus of being a relatively low maintenance item when it comes to washing and cleaning. Unlike other fabrics such as satin, relatively few special precautions are required when cleaning silk.

So, when all the positives are added up and the final tally reached, this lingerie remains an top choice by purveyors of the lingerie market. Silk lingerie will probably be around another three thousand years.


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